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How It Works

It starts with an initial no-obligation meeting over a phone.

  • 1. First we discuss your current situation & desired future
  • 2. Next, how the business can support you to achieve this
  • 3. Then what to do in your business to make this happen

This discussion will give you clarity, sometimes massive clarity. You also get to see how strategic planning and coaching can bring value to your business.

Exec Coach in Whenuapai – the two main themes of my service include Strategic Planning and Coaching.

  • Strategic planning provides focus & direction for growth & profits
  • Coaching supports the robust implementation of the plan

This fixes the classic “failure to implement” problem that often occurs with other Exec Coach services.

Key Ways It’ll Help Your Business

  • Fixing Urgent Problems
  • Increasings Profit and Topline Revenue
  • Increasing the Effectiveness of Key Staff
  • Reducing & Cutting Expenses
  • Being compliant with regulations & industry best practices

Ready to takes action? Take the first step and get in touch to Get Started.

I am much happier, more confident and more effective as a result of Jerome’s coaching. I highly recommend Jerome to any business owner who is wanting to take big strides in improving their business and themselves personally.Tim Haycock Managing Director Trade Innovations Limited (Innovation in Construction)
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Software Services Business More Than

Doubled Their Profit


The CEO wanted to improve the profits of a 50+ person software services business with three offices in New Zealand and one in Australia. The profits were in single digits.


Jerome pointed out that they were earning 30% of their gross from annual license royalties but losing on services. He suggested that they analyse royalties below the line, and see clearly that they were losing 20%+ on software services. As a result they made some changes in management and personnel in the services team.


This worked so well that they promoted the new services manager to General Manager in charge of services and marketing. This freed up the CEO to grow the business by acquisition nationally and internationally. As a result,the business more than doubled its profitand grew rapidly. And the CEO was having a dream lifestyle as he expanded into Europe.

Plumbing and Gas Business

Profit up by 70%


The Owner had just gone through a divorce, and with settlement payments he was just making ends meet. His business had a good reputation both with residential and commercial markets. With a team of 21. He was making 10% profit on turnover and it wasn’t enough.


Jerome suggested an immediate 10% price increase across the board. The Owner settled on a 10-15% increase for residential and increases where feasible in the commercial space. He also improved his collections especially in the residential space. And stopped doing work for poor paying categories such as builders he did not know well.


With Exec Coach support: The Owners profits were up by 70% within a month.The next year he bought his own premises. Then he also invested in several residential rentals. Then he acquired 2 more businesses for zero money down. The Owner has developed his administration team to provide a seamless offering. This ensures profitability and results in word-of-mouth referrals from happy customers.

Architecture Business

Productivity up by 30%


A small but high profile architectural practice, based in Auckland and the South Island, implemented two ExO strategies AUTONOMOUS TEAMS and DASHBOARD. The gains were widespread including the increase in productivity and freeing up the principal’s time. The principal had been frustrated at being involved in most aspects of most jobs despite having engaged quite skilled practitioners.


Jerome coached the principal weekly and had some sessions with the team. And the principal implemented the strategies with the team in his own unique way.


Paraphrasing the principal: “We now have far greater clarity on roles. Those who got it, got on board. Those who didn’t get it, got off. We got a clear understanding of responsibilities.” Individuals took more responsibility which freed up the principal’s time. Nest with Jerome’s input they used a dashboard to record individual job progress. The dashboard increased productivity by 30% immediately. The dashboard gave clarity around setting objectives, and reporting on key results for both team directed tasks, and self-directed tasks. Staff each set their own tasks and objectives for the week. They became more proactive in planning and meeting objectives. The jobs ran more smoothly. And this all further reduced the time input needed from the principal. This freed up more time, and enabled the principal to achieve a major personal property development project. This wouldn’t have happened without freeing up time at work. The principal utilised his skills and added value to a piece of land resulting in an immediate net gain of $500k. He’s very happy about this.

We are a better company after Jerome’s assistance. We have a stronger desire to achieve our goals and a more focused plan with his guidance. We would recommend Jerome to assist you to understand where your business is “really at”, determine where you are going, sharpen your focus and get your team aligned.Chris Miller Managing Director Endeavour Solutions Ltd. Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch (ERP Software Solutions)
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Construction Services

Succession & Vision Sorted


The CEO of a large professional services practice had issues with leadership and succession. There was disharmony among the principals. Some were even considering early retirement. The organisation itself needed to make a cultural shift into the 21st century to be competitive.


Jerome to met the board and identified a clear lack of alignment among principals around core values. So, Jerome invited them to review their core values. And to explore the implications of these new values for the practice going forward.


Several sessions into the process, the mood had shifted to positive teamwork among principals. And they are articulating a strong vision for the future. And many of the ideas, that arise around values, were already being implemented with passion. And Jerome also met with individual principals to support planning and succession.

Construction Business

Billables & Self Image Both Up


The owner had been running a small building business and just getting by with a salary. He was living in West Auckland and working mostly in Eastern Suburbs. Delivering excellent quality and service, in a timely way. But not charging enough for it. His self- esteem, self-worth and self-belief were low, compared to his ability and delivery.


Jerome recognised all the discipline, learning, personal development and growth the owner had done. And helped him reframe the way he saw himself, in his life and his working environment. The owner was vulnerable and open to doing the work. He took on the challenge with a passion and created a new self-image, self-beliefs and an inspiringly confident way of being. This resulted in a completely upgraded way of operating his business in a remarkably short time.


Now, the owner is more assertive, so, he doesn’t get much push-back from anyone. He still delivers quality and excellence. But now, he charges top dollar for every hour, and material, and service. He even charges the same for materials supplied by the client! And they are happy to pay! Why? Because, they know he delivers quality.

The owner says, “I was being too nice. Jerome showed me how to cut out the nice. The rest evolves by itself. When we focus only on the positive parts of our personality, the rest shrivels away even in a couple of weeks. Now I’m gearing up for overdrive.” He is well on the way to rich and happy!

Engineering Business

Revenue Up from $3m to $5m


The principal was frustrated at being caught up in technical issues 70-90% of the time. And he was not able to take enough time for leadership, governance, management, or developing his team.


We decided on monthly sessions with the principal and his team. The focus was on introducing the team to self-managing team strategies.


Paraphrasing the principal: “The team members are more aware of the bigger picture issues: How the team operates; continuous improvement; what is sales and marketing, and how they impact that. They are starting improvement in productivity. They are engaging in collaboration; collective problem solving; solving problems themselves, and taking responsibility for their solutions. This has greatly reduced reverse delegation. And my time has freed up significantly from resolving technical issues with staff.”

Staff were happier. The principal now had time to think about strategic issues, such as the company revenue goal. He decided to acquire a complimentary business. And he accomplished this acquisition within months. Previously, when he was swamped with technical issues, this idea wouldn’t have occurred to him. And he wouldn’t have had the time to act on it. With this acquisition, the revenue has increased from $3 million to $5 million as a result of “thinking wider”. “I have planned 6 weeks holidays this year. I am taking control of my life.”

Financial Software

Supporting Leadership


The CEO was 1 of 3 directors of a financial software business with outdated technology and 80% of their business with a handful of customers. Tensions between directors were high, and decision making was limited and poorly implemented. Software development was stalled. They wanted to update their software to attract new business and enter international markets.


Jerome coached the CEO and did some strategic planning. Then Jerome became an advisor to the board. And the CEO stepped up and started implementing decisions and supporting others to deliver. The other directors started being more accountable and working in harmony with the CEO.


Software development of windows and the web-based platform is progressing well. The CEO became an effective leader. He took initiatives with other income streams while the software was being developed. The team did a great job of retaining customers while new software was coming on stream. The software has progressed to a level where new customers can be attracted. The business will soon be ready to approach overseas customers.

The Benefits

Whenuapai Exec Coach

The main focus of coaching is implementing the strategic plan. This may involve a wide variety of challenges including:

  • Implement complex projects.
  • Hire great people and up-skilling others.
  • Shift from technical work to business leadership.
  • Identify key opportunities and developing them.
  • Free your time to fulfill your vision.

I use a wide variety of coaching tools including awareness, accountability, business strategies, personal strategies as well as strategic and tactical thinking. I also support you in any negotiation for a much-improved outcome. I also work on conscious and unconscious methodologies for belief and life purpose changes.

Jerome has been useful in clarifying my thoughts. He’s been a Fantastic sounding board for me, in a small business with no co-founders, both personally and for bus related issues.Michael Jones, Owner Flipmind, (Bespoke Software Development)

About Me &

What I Do

Jerome Hartigan BSc HDipEd MS

  • Olympic Athlete – represented Ireland in the Olympic Modern Pentathlon Moscow 1980
  • Loves success and is highly competitive
  • Loves excellence
  • Loves personal development that enables both excellence and success
  • Success in Business
  • Ran my own successful education business for 15+ years. Franchised nationally and internationally.

University Degrees

  • Batchelor of Science
  • Higher Diploma in Education
  • Master of Science (Sport Psychology, New York)

Highly Customised Service

Individualised coaching program is highly adapted to the client’s needs. Such as:

  • Getting immediate cashflow
  • Getting out of a rut
  • Strategic initiative
  • Personal growth for self-worth to enable going up in the market.

To Your Success!

Increase Profits

Jerome turned around an ERP supplier from minimal profits to over 20% in months. Strategic support for international growth by acquisition into Aus and UK.

Achieve More

Jerome transformed a bespoke software developer to focus on their own apps and software which they now market internationally.

Lead Better

Jerome supported expansion of web development business to include online-marketing focus and grow their offering and their business both in NZ and Aus.

Why Jerome?

Jerome has been coaching in the IT & Software Development industry for over 15 years with incredible success.


Since our strategy day, my self-esteem and self-worth are up. And you can’t put a price on that.


I find I am able that take on more tasks, with less stress and achieve more from my day, making me a happier person in the process.

Crystal Clear

He’s been a Fantastic sounding board for me, in a small business with no co-founders, both personally and for business related issues.

Sales Increase

Coaching with Jerome, sales have increased by 30% this year to a record high for my business.

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